Possible rent scam?

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This sounds like a scam, for sure. These are common now. My niece almost got roped into one before I told her not to send any money.


You might give the realtor a call. You can generally look up the owner of property in medium and larger cities online as well. In my neck of the woods, most of the homes advertised like this on Craigslist are scamms.


100% scam. Super common and has been around for years. Your gut is right. This is absolutely a scam.


It’s a scam. I came across a scam with EXACTLY the same details. I actually walked up to the door of the home and knocked on it. I talked to the current tenants that told me it was all fake. I was the first to walk up and talk to them, but they have been getting tons of people peaking in their windows. The scammers just steal the photos from the sellers listing and pretend from there. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck…


Sounds majorly shady. The “I’m away because my kid is sick” screams scammer in a different country.