(Rant) I hate when people say space travel is a waste of money and that money could be used to fight other things

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I don’t think it is a waste, but I can see how people would. With the current headlines, it looks like a big…measuring contest between billionaires, more than something that is beneficial to the human race.


I think it’s lazy in a sense to bark up the tree of space travel. The only reason people are calling for it to stop is because they *noticed* it–unlike the hundreds of billions wasted on “defense” and all of the anonymous billionaires and bankers cruising on their mega-yachts instead of on spaceships. Why not pull the plug on those other things instead that don’t contribute anything of value to the human race? Or Hollywood, for that matter? The same people who call for an end to space travel to save the money probably also enjoyed watching Avatar, Titanic, and Interstellar. Funny how an exorbitantly expensive movie about space, for example, is all good fun, but the moment someone *actually* pushes the boundaries on human potential, people call for it to end. It’s depressing when I hear this lazily acquired sentiment coming from otherwise intelligent people. I think it boils down to virtue signaling.


People have been saying this since the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. They’ve been wrong for that long too.


In addition to this… investments in space are just that – investments. They’re not wastes of money. Even if you just take into account more direct economic benefit (and not, say, the benefits of kids being inspired to become scientists and engineers due to space travel, the inherent value of knowledge and exploration, etc.) – investments in space more than pay for themselves. (the Apollo programs returned more than 7x their initial investment). ‘tax cuts pay for themselves’ is a lie. ‘investments pay for themselves’ is often not, and space exploration is an investment that pays for itself. AND The other main problem is zero-sum thinking. That somehow if we Don’t invest in space we Will and Can solve homelessness etc. But the existence of investments in space adds to the resources available to fight poverty and homelessness. That we fail to effectively do so is due to a mixture of the complexity of the problems and our own apathy – not because we spend money on space.


I think most are “yelling” as Blue Origin/Bezos because his company is bad to its employees and doesn’t seem to do much to fix its terrestrial faults. He alone could fix these issues with a wave of his hand but instead goes to space.