Russia will launch a new science lab to space Wednesday morning. (When this post is 3 hours old)

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I really appreciate the explanation of when it will happen in title.


Unfortunately overshadowed by the Blue Origin launch, but actually far more interesting and important. First proper module to the ISS in years, also featuring some fine Dutch engineering attached to the side of it. (European Robot Arm). The ERA was actually originally designed for the European Hermes shuttle.


Nauku has been planned since 2005, but it’s taken a long, long time for the Russians to finish. It adds quite a bit of capability to the Russian end of the station, including a berth for an additional crewmember. It will be attached to Zvezda IIRC.


The orbital insertion looked low. Will it be raised? What’s left? Uzlovoy?


May I ask a potentially dumb question? How do they film the rocket while its in space?