Secretary Pete Buttigieg: “We’ve gotta break this false narrative of climate versus jobs”

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Climate action = more secure jobs in industries that aren’t being propped up by protectionism.


The green economy is the future bc it’s already here and making money! I hope our representatives can break away from the old lobbyists and give our world a chance to remain habitable


Really wish we’d approach this like a war effort (an easy framing device used all the time); yes many things will change, some things will go away forever, but it has to be done. I worry that short term gains will always triumph over long term survival, though.


It’s the equivalent of us looking back 100 years at people who may have said “no cars! Save farrier jobs”. Ease people into it. Have kids learn that the coal mine isn’t a guaranteed job anymore. But we’ll still need electricians, plumbers, etc. Good trade jobs can definitely be found.


>Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sits down with Ali Velshi at the unveiling of an electric bus fleet in Oregon to talk about the administration’s infrastructure plan, and the role of the federal government. “We can no longer have local leaders or state leaders waiting on Washington to catch up,” says Buttigieg. “No country has ever led the world by clinging to technologies or pieces of infrastructure that were 100 years old…America is not America unless we are striving for number one.”