(SERIOUS) What’s your deepest fear?

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Creeping mental health problems – like dementia or Alzheimers


My wife leaving me, not to say I think she will (I don’t mean to be arrogant, my dumb ass still has a long time to screw things up) but just the thought of living my life without her scares the living shit out of me.


Being intimately abused, groomed and manipulated again. Not being safe when I’m put in that situation again I’ve found someone recently who’s kind, understanding, very patient and a total sweetheart. I’m sure that she’ll never ever hurt me in that way Even if things don’t work out long term (as much as I think they will) I’m so very happy to have found someone who cares for what I’ve been through Still, it takes a LOT to heal after years of trauma.


That we die like an apple that falls on the ground. Nothing else after. Just non-existence.


Not getting old, but becoming frail and helpless as I get old.