Sheriff’s office captain found passed out in traffic sent home without sobriety screening

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The. Fuck. > The man behind the wheel wasn’t moving, but the vehicle wasn’t in park, so two Seminole County deputies used their vehicles to box it in, before pounding on the window for a full minute to wake the driver. … then after they find out who he is > “You’re good, just leave, this didn’t happen,” a responding deputy said while laughing. I know cops take little naps in their cruisers all the time and imho that’s not a big deal and what I thought this was. NOPE


I used to play poker every Wednesday night. There were a couple of cops that played in the game. They had absolutely no concerns about getting drunk as hell and driving home. They felt totally safe from consequences. I quit the game when one of the cops flashed a pistol at the table. He was “being funny,” but I didn’t take it that way. Only idiots mix booze and guns. I never went back. Off duty actions matter too, guys. It’s colored my view of police for 20 years.


And cops wonder why they are losing the respect of law-abiding citizens… it’s bullshit like this (amongst many other reasons)


I keep hearing about all these good cops but I never see them arrest a bad cop.


“every situation is unique, and it is ultimately the deputy’s discretion based on training and experience.” Yeah, and of course whether the passed out driver is one of the boys and therefore subject to a completely different set of rules than everyone else.