Solar cells: Layer of three crystals produces a thousand times more power

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To be clear, the 1000x is vs previous ferroellectic cells. It doesn’t say a comparison to silicon based solar cells.


Before everyone gets excited the title is once more misleading. Read the article: the increase is not in comparison with the solar panels in use, it is in comparison with only using one layer of ferroelectric crystals. Is an important discovery but not thehufe step forward as suggested in the klick bait title.


How ineffective are the previous attempts that 1000x times the power does not break thermodynamics over the knee.


>>This was achieved by vaporizing the crystals with a high-power laser and redepositing them on carrier substrates. This produced a material made of 500 layers that is about 200 nanometres thick.” and >>Further research must now be done to find out exactly what causes the outstanding photoelectric effect. is a very positive sign in my book. It basically means they were just ballparking it so far and fine-tuning the layers and thicknesses may still greatly improve things on its own before any new materials need to be tried. The materials they use here are cheap. If they can get this to even be half as area-efficient as current solar panels, it will revolutionize the solar power industry.


Wow. This could be massive. The payback for PV is around 10 years (I’m told) so this could make solar energy so much more viable.