Study dispels myth that electric cars pollute as much as gas-powered cars due to ‘dirty’ grid

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I think what’s cool – besides EVs and green energy in general – is that if you buy an EV _now_, it will continue to _get greener_ as the grid that charges it gets greener. Think about that. What other product _lowers_ its environmental impact simply through longevity?


I haven’t heard anyone say electric cars pollute as much driving, though I have heard the making of and disposal of batteries is an issue.


You mean misinformation was put out by conservative interests with their own interests in mind…and gullible people beleived it. Shocking. /s


How about the impact of building, repairing, and scrapping the cars, do electric cars have more or less impact in those areas?


Isn’t it as simple as the fact that even a coal power plant is *much* more efficient than an internal combustion engine? Even if we replaced *all* the ICE’s on the road with electric and kept *all* the fossil fueled power plants, we’d still be better off right?