Suddenly, Conservatives Care About Vaccines | A number of leaders on the right suddenly urged their audiences to get vaccinated in the past day. Why now?

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Dead people can’t vote.


Delta is seriously kicking the unvaccinateds asses. Republicans gonna kill off too many of their voters before midterms if they don’t start speaking up. I hope their base turns on them trying to get them to get the vax.


It’s a combination of the lawyers telling them to shut up, the stock market tanking because of their anti-vaccine propaganda, and the simple fact that too many of their own voters are dying without the vaccine


Conservatives always SUDDENLY start caring about things when it affects them. This is the primary difference between conservatives and progressives. The flaming bag of shit has to be directly on their dinner plates vs. “Hey guys maybe we should do something before these flaming bags of shit get out of hand.”


It’s always like this. 20 years ago, climate change was a hoax, 10 years ago, it’s real but it’s not our fault, now it’s real and maybe it’s a little bit our fault. In another 10 years, they’ll be keen on actually doing something about it as Florida starts to be swallowed up by the sea. Remember when they said Covid wasn’t even actually real, then that was amended to it’s real but it’s not that dangerous—and China made it on purpose—now I guess it’s real and dangerous. They seem hell bent on asserting their God-given, Constitutional right to be fucking stupid before they’ll quietly accept reality when it’s already done way more damage than necessary.