The introduction of free and nutritious school lunches in Swedish schools led to improvements in health, educational attainment, and adult incomes. [Data: the gradual implementation of school lunches in Swedish municipalities between 1959 and 1969].

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Maybe a reason why they’re above average height?. Nutrition plays a huge role.


No wonder certain politicians and people oppose these programs in the U.S.


You mean to say a growing human body consuming the nutrients essential for a healthy human body improves said human body? Who would have thunk it!


Hmm better school lunches equals better health. Sweden has a lower fatality rate than the USA for COVID. USA has an awful school lunch program in almost every state. It’s almost like we could reduce the amount of deaths from a viral infection if we actually cared about and put resource into young people’s health and their understanding of it rather than the reliance of a foreign substance and taking the easy way out.


In neighboring Finland, free school lunches had been available already for 16 years when they started to be implemented in Sweden. Finland was the first country in the world to start offering free school lunches – in 1943.