The psychedelic cure for philosophy | When the doors of perception are opened, the Aristotelian logic is revoked and its ontological counterpart —substance ontology— relativized.

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> For a long time, we have been told that there is *no third possibility*: either the cat is alive, or it is not. Whether you consider that logic is abstracted from facts, that it formalizes facts, or even that it strictly matches reality (the Hegelian wager), *when factuality is enlarged, logic is redefined*. Which is all fine and good, but it doesn’t tell me what the third option is. This is one of those articles where the common response is likely to be: “Well, those are certainly words.” I don’t know if I found it inaccessible because I’m not a philosopher of the mind myself, or because I didn’t get stoned off my ass prior to reading it.


Can I get a dictionary, up in here, up in here?


I love Philosophy… but I only understand 70% of the words on this post’s title.


> The immediate consequence of the opening, or cleansing, of the perceptive doors is a process cosmology: “Everything gestures. Tables are tabling, pots are potting, walls are walling, fixtures are fixturing — a world of event instead of things.” (Watts 1962, 69.) This means that enlarged (sense-)perception resuscitates the world, reenchants it (without supernaturalism), as Griffin (2001) has claimed. They sound ill


Bullshit. Being high does not make reality go away.