The Strange Disappearance of Alfred Loewenstein (2021) – In 1928, the third richest man in the world disappeared from his private airplane midflight. He went to the bathroom and simply vanished. To this day, nobody really knows what happened on that flight. [00:14:01]

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And that’s why you always leave a note


There’s not really a “strange disappearance” here. The guy was probably drunk. He walked the back of his plane, and opened the door to the outside instead of the bathroom.


Just from the tone of the narrator you can assume that this is not a documentary but a video supporting conspiracy theory. Reminds me of people who defend Gavin Menzies’ books.


>His wife did not attend the funeral Case closed fam


Robert Maxwell did the same off of his yacht, then they found out he’d been rinsing the pension pot.