Three guys were sitting at a bar, having drinks and talking…

The first guy starts bragging and says, “I made love to my wife 4 times last night. She said in the morning that she loved each one more and more.” The second guy chimes in and replies, “Oh, that’s nothing. I made love to my wife 8 times last night, and she told me in the morning that it’s the best night that she’s ever had.” The third guy keeps drinking and is remaining silent while the two guys keep arguing back and forth about who gave their wife the best night. Finally, the first guy asks him, “Hey, why are you being so quiet over there? How many times did you make love to your wife last night?” He replies, “Only once.” The first two guys look at each other and start laughing. “Only one time? No wonder you didn’t say anything. So what did she say in the morning?” The third guy looks up and replies, “Don’t stop.”

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I bet they all went quiet after that one.


“Get off”…


That’s why they love Viagra


Heard that years ago but it was a Captain, a First Sargeant, and a private in the mess hall and the private answers: She said “don’t stop Sir”. And the First Sargeant spits coffee all over the officer.


I ate 1 meal a day.. But my meal last 24 hours long.