TIL about FNG Syndrome. Instead of rotating units into and out of Vietnam, the US military replaced individual members. The replacements were subjected to abuse from their peers, leading to an increase in the number of psychiatric casualties who were removed from the battlefield

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Wasn’t this also common in WW2? The idea of being cold or even hostile to replacements is referenced several times in Band of Brothers, for example.


FNG = Fucking New Guy??


Also consider the effects of FNG Syndrome on a soldier brought into the fray by Project 100,000 (similar to what is represented in the first half of Full Metal Jacket). You’ve got someone who is not meant to be a soldier in the first place sent over into a veteran unit. To survive any length of time would be a bloody miracle.


Yet another poorly designed system during Vietnam conflict.


Highly recommend “Platoon.” Oliver Stone was one of those replacements, the movie is very autobiographical. Fair warning: it is a BRUTAL movie.