TIL about Princess Alexandria of Bavaria, who believed she had swallowed a glass grand piano when she was a child that could shatter at any time — and she was not the only royal with this delusion.

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There’s a famous short story by Miguel de Cervantes (16th century) called “El licenciado Vidriera” (roughly translates to Squire Glass) about a learned man who has a fever, thinks he’s made of glass, people squeeze him to show otherwise and he screams at the top of his lungs. He slept in a hayloft, as he felt hay was the only thing keeping his glassy self safe from breaking.


Of course, because only a shattered glass grand piano would be unhealthy to have inside your body. An intact glass grand piano in the body is completely harmless…


Interesting article, “Our modern-day delusions tend to involve technology: sufferers may believe the government has planted a microchip in their brain or that a computer is constantly monitoring them.”


Other royalty also had this delusion, and one’s physician in particular took extreme measures to rid him of it. >Fed up, the man’s physician ordered that his bed of straw be set on fire and that the door to the man’s room be locked. When the man began to beat on the door begging for help, the doctor asked him why he wasn’t shattering despite the violent movements. The ploy worked.


In-breeding does not create a stable form of government.