TIL about Rick Parker, a corrupt boxing promoter who poisoned his fighter’s opponent when he refused to throw a fight. The opponent, Tim Anderson, survived and murdered Parker. Anderson is now serving life in prison.

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I had to give this an award as this story is genuinely interesting. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. WE NEED A MOVIE


The podcast Crime in Sports does an episode about him that’s really good.


This is very interesting. I’ve just watched a few interviews with the promoter and boxers and watched a few of Gastineau’s fights and they were hilarious. Definitely fixed. The fight where he gets sparked out is also funny as hell. He drops his hands and looks at the ref when Anderson is punching his face in with a ”help me” look lol. Then Anderson hits him with another huge bomb and puts his ass on the canvas. And good riddance to that piece of shit promoter. I don’t like to judge a book by its cover but he just looks like a huge fucking sleazeball doesn’t he. Great post OP. Wish i had an award to give you as that was a really fun hour on YouTube i just had. Sorry bro but im broke AF. But this a great post about a very interesting story. Thank you for posting 👍


A corrupt boxing promoter? Never heard of such a thing…


Free Tim Anderson