TIL about the ‘Days of Shame’, when in 1934, 75 Montreal physicians went on strike to protest a Jewish doctor that was hired at a Catholic hospital. After 4 days, the Jewish doctor finally resigned because patients weren’t getting care.

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In Minneapolis MN in the 1940s, Jewish doctors built Mount Sinai hospital because other hospitals wouldn’t admit them to practice medicine.


As Jesus said – agree with my teachings or else let people you could help die/ suffer.


I remember that one meme that said “what is Canada better at than America but never gets the credit?” And someone responded with “racism.”


And now the Jewish Hospital is the best hospital in Montreal.


that’s fucked up. I went to a Catholic school from preschool – 8th grade and my favorite teacher there was Jewish. After every Jewish holiday we’d ask her what it was all about and would not have class that today because she’d spend the whole time talking about. And she brought us apples and honey for one of them, don’t remember which.