TIL all of the Muppet Show episodes were produced at Borehamwood Studios in England. American TV networks had rejected Jim Henson’s proposals for a show, seeing him as a creator of childrens’ programming.

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People in the UK know when it’s time to play the music (pro tip: same time as when it’s time to light the lights)


The pilot was called “The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence” specifically to convince people that it wasn’t a kid’s show. This mostly didn’t work.


The Muppet Show wasn’t a kid’s show?


As an American it truly amazes me how completely out of touch Hollywood executives often are when it comes to the general American public. I have worked with these people and it is as if the live in this other world of basing everything on twisted statistics. I remember working on internet TV programming a while ago (2000) where a hollywood analysist told us that people on the internet were mostly women and gay men between 30 and 45… My development team just sat there with expressions of where the hell is this person getting their stats?! We waited for them to go on vacation and began posting slightly more risque content. The end result was an emergency call from the analyst in Bali and my dev team. We were getting screamed at for changing the content highlighting system. Threats of mass firings were spoken… And the company owner slipped into the conference room and listened to the tirade for about ten mins before asking them to stop… Our owner looked directly at me and asked, “What are the new click through statistics?” I told him we are up 400% over the previous content click through and climbing. The owner told the analyst to go back to his vacation and they would discuss his future with us when he came back… Then hung up the phone. He looked at my team and told us to keep doing what ever it was we were doing, and got up and walked out. This kind of imaginary world decision process happens in the movie and tv industry all the time.


I bet Kermit liked to bore some ham.