TIL in 1996, a Hong Kong ganster “Big spender” kidnapped the son of the richest man in Asia and demanded a ransom of $160 million for his return. After receiving the money, the gangster later phoned up and asked for advice on how to invest the money.

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> According to online reports, Cheung had initially asked for HK$2 billion from the frantic family members of the Li household. Scared and concerned for the young Victor’s life, the elder Li agreed to give Cheung the money. Cheung then showed up at the Li’s home alone, with explosives attached to his body, to collect the ransom money, said Crime Files. > > Elder Li did not have HK$2 billion of cash on hand so Cheung settled for HK$1 billion, according to SCMP. The young Victor Li was subsequently released after a day of capture. “Sorry, I don’t have $320mil on hand, I only have $160mil – will that suffice?”


The kidnapper was caught and executed by the government.


“Damn it feels good to be a Ganster, cause a real ganster dont take shit”


Dude was nicknamed “Big Spender” and didn’t even know how to spend or invest. Sad.


Now I know why he’s not called Big Investor.