TIL Mars, Inc, maker of M&Ms and Snickers, is also America’s largest veterinary provider. Since 2007, the corporation has bought many animal hospital and laboratory networks, now employing over 9% of all U.S. veterinarians.

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It’s because Mars, Inc. is a pet food company: > Unlike other food companies, Mars has been in the pet business for over 75 years, and more of their revenue comes from pet products than candy. They are the largest global pet food company, with popular brands of dry and wet foods, like Pedigree, Iams, Whiskas, and Cesar, as well as snacks and therapeutic blends, such as Greenies dental chews and veterinary-prescribed Royal Canin.


Feed dogs Milky Way -> Take dog to Mars doctor.


….and it’s not a good thing, just like with normal (American) healthcare. Large companies buying up practices, driving up costs, running vets ragged and selling you extras based off your worries. It’s unfortunate that vets get into their business because they love animals. Then they find out that they have to be an animal doctor AND a business person as their practice begins to fail – large company comes in to buy them out and voila – Mars is on it’s way to owning how you feed and care for your animal, along with setting the price.


How about Mars the maker of Pedigree and other pet foods. Shit they could of used Mars the maker of Uncle Ben’s rice ffs.


Pedigree dog food is crap, it’s how they use up the left-over sugar beet, by coating it in artificial flavourings and colourants (dogs are colourblind so it’s for the humans). My landlord used to feed it to his dog then get upset when the dog would spray diarrhoea all over the floor. I started buying the dog proper dog food and he (the dog, not the landlord) stopped shitting himself uncontrollably…fancy that… Edit: clarified who I was referring to.