TIL Stalin loved Charlie Chaplin movies, and even cried at the last scene of City Lights, but he banned The Great Dictator from screening in the USSR. Stalin apparently was afraid that the image of the dictator Adenoid Hynkel would bring up an unwanted comparison – not to Hitler, but to himself.

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Tyrants are the same irrespective of the ideology they use to remain in power.


>cried at the last scene of City Lights He wasn’t the only one. Great movie.


The truth hurts.


Sounds like guilt.


can anyone find a source for this? i checked wikipedia page about list of banned films where it says it was banned in some south american countries, and reception section for the great dictator, where it again says it was banned in south american countries, in uk and in some other countries in europe, and i tried googling key words, but i couldn’t find anything related to it being banned in ussr or by stalin.