TIL that in central Turkey, there is a vast ghost town with 583 Disney castle houses which was abandoned after the construction company went bankrupt due to the fact that noone bought these houses

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Wouldn’t you think they would have waited to sell Some before getting anywhere near 600 houses?


Light treason


Little boxes on the hillside.


This seems very similar to a tract made in China…among others. The construction is so bad. Everything is fake. They make the house out of materials that couldn’t make it as a movie set in the U.S. After only a couple of years the things are deteriorating.


One on its own gives the exclusivity someone wanting to buy this type of castle would like. But row after row of identical houses, no variation it’s like living in a terrace. I’ve lived in Dubai for several years and many housing developments are like this. Great big houses- spacious and well equipped. But in unimaginative straight lines, insufficient parking, little variation in house style or shape. It’s like they are using design manuals from the 60’s. Please developers. Go to England. See how modern housing estates are built with sophistication, clever layouts and variation. Good parking. And don’t forget the amenities. I once lived in The Villa ( stupid unoriginal name for 3000 houses) but the nearest mosque was 20 miles away and no shops, schools or anything. Also a nightmare to navigate for food deliveries : no logic to street names.