TIL the first sports bra was made in 1977 by sewing two jock straps together. Its literal test run was performed by of its two inventors: one jogging forwards wearing the Macgyvered prototype while her friend ran ahead, jogging backwards so she could assess her friend’s “bounciness”

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> This spring, the three were honored at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington for their invention, which Runner’s World magazine recently called “The greatest invention in running — ever.” Fuck shoes I guess


Oh I see….. *”Cup”* size


Her friend was a real athletic supporter


There was a thread of women complaining that bikini tops have wardrobe malfunctions if you actually go swimming in them. One lady said she simply wore a sports bra (over or instead of) her bikini top. Off-topic but another woman said she wore mens boxers to bed. They weren’t tight like panties or pajamas, but didn’t climb up like a nightshirt or gown. I’d like to thank Reddit for giving a man like me such good tips on being a woman.


It’s good to get measured for a properly sized and fitted bra ….can make a world of difference