TIL The hottest place on Earth lost the title it had held for 90 years, when it was found that the man making the original measurements likely misread the thermometer.

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It was Libya now it’s Death Valley California


Yeah, 134 degrees is pretty f’ing hot.


What nobody seems to ask about: the person that took these readings in 1922. Who is he? How the hell did he sleep at night with those temperatures, in an era with no air conditioning? It seems like it would be an ordeal to make it through the day, just sitting in a hot room. Same thing for the guy that lived in Death Valley in the 1910s when it hit 134F. How the hell did he survive there? It’s well-known that the nighttime low temperatures are often around 100F. Can you imagine trying to sleep in that?


How the fuck do you misread a thermometer?


Was it in Antarctica