To the people who record themselves crying and then post it to a social media, why?

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well i only did it once because i used to have a YouTube channel where i would post videos of my first cockatiel but one day she passed away and i was just telling the people who would watch my videos why i would not be posting and than i broke down and started crying


Im just waiting for someone to answer that the question was actually towards.


I guess since everybody else is just going to reply with anecdotes and talk about how much better they are then that, I’ll bite. I did that once. Why? Like a lot of people suggested, attention. I was fourteen, I was alone, I was hurting. I wanted someone to tell me I would be okay, and I wasn’t getting that IRL. So I went online and recorded myself crying and trying to talk about what was upsetting me. I got a lot of assholes responding, because people seemed so excited to tear down a sad little girl. But I did get kind responses too, and when I felt better I thanked the people who were kind and deleted the video. Sometimes people just need a few nice words, and I don’t think they’re bad for that.


I personally don’t do it, but a former friend explained to me why. Yes, it is an attention thing. But atleast for her, it wasn’t in a douchey kind of way – she didn’t have the nicest upbringing and was shamed for trying to seek help from her family when it came to emotional hardships. It was a real “toughen up” kind of household, which made her wary about seeking out help. Instead, she let the help seek her out by drawing attention to her bad emotional state without actually having to tell somebody “Hey, I feel horrible, I need someone to talk to and be there for me”. It’s actually really sad and I hate to admit that this is part of the reason she is a former friend. While I felt for her, this behaviour took the control away from me. I couldn’t tell her that I feel bad myself and she’s crossing a boundary by dumping her emotions on me, since she didn’t specifically target me. Sometimes I feel bad for that, but in the end I gotta take care of myself, too. Edit: spelling


I’ve done this in the past. it was because I was really sad and alone and wanted someone to comfort me. I didn’t have anyone I could personally reach out to. people are like, ‘why would record yourself crying and post it? that’s so attention seeking’ but then when someone commits suicide it’s ‘why didn’t they tell anyone they were struggling?’