Too Many Democrats Don’t Realize Voter Suppression Laws Are a Threat to Their Power

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As Kyle from SecularTalk likes to say they’re procedure humpers. They’re sitting there thinking of their next chess move while the Republicans are just smashing all the pieces to bits.


Voter Suppression Laws Are a Threat to ~~Their Power~~ Democracy FTFY


Democrats obviously don’t care about this enough. I think it’s pretty obvious that this country is going to fall right into the hands of Republicans that will suppress enough of the vote, gerrymander, and use the electoral college, to ensure Democrats will never have the opportunity to be in positions of power again. When this happens, the country will continue to devolve into a racist, anti-LGBTQ, sexist theocracy ruled by a minority party. I work in healthcare, so I could ostensibly get a job in most countries. I don’t want to be here when Ron DeSantis becomes president in 2024.


I think most Democratic leaders know. In the House, they passed strong legislations, so we can infer more than 90% of them know. In the Senate, I think over 80% of them (like about 40 out of 50) know. Unfortunately, they don’t have the number yet to pass the bills. How can we can “too many Democrats” don’t realize when we can see over 80-90% of them realize that. Biden is a politician who positions himself in the middle of his voters. I don’t think most of his voters think that voter suppression are serious problem, so Biden can’t push too hard on this in public. Still, he made a few fairly strong speeches criticizing the voter suppression laws. He also can’t force some of the Senators who resist the bills or the Senate filibusters, mostly because their constituents don’t consider voter suppression an issue. It is very likely that Joe Manchin think voter suppression more of an issue than his constituents. Ultimately, I think the problem is that less than 80-90% of Biden’s voters think that voter suppression is a major issue, while 80-90% of Republican voters think passing voter suppression laws is a major priority. EDIT: To give an analogy, passing voter suppression laws to Republican voters is like beating COVID to Biden’s voters, while passing voting right laws is nowhere like beating COVID to Biden’s voters.


If Federal voting law does not prohibit political gerrymandering before the 2022 election, Democrats and the average working class, especially employee class are screwed for at least a decade or even generation — or until civil war.