Top U.S. Catholic Church official resigns after cellphone data used to track him on Grindr and to gay bars

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yeah, if you do it with consenting adults you gotta resign ​ if you do it with children who are begging you to stop then you just get reassigned to another area ​ the church is a weird organisation


Wonder why he didn’t lie like priests usually do and just say that he was going there trying to save souls?


It’s never surprising when it happens, but the schadenfreude is always welcome.


Top U.S. crime syndicate official does nothing wrong for a change and is kicked out of klub. What a terrible company they are. Hope he realizes that he can be free of their bullshit and maybe live a normal life. Maybe even inspire some more LGBT+ to leave The Bigot Buddies and stop hating themselves for no good reason.


Church officials are gay AND pedos? This could be scandalous.