US hackers attacked thousands of servers in China, news report claims

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Being a network administrator these days must be a hell of a tough job.


All countries with an intelligence service worth their salt, hack – all the time. Sometimes they launch a major campaign, but by the nature of things, it’s probably hard to find credible news reports on the matter.


> According to the Global Times, “a significant portion” of US hackers used high-frequency, “brute-force” cracking tactics as reconnaissance, gaining as much information about the targeted networks as possible before launching high-frequency probing attacks against their weak points. Sounds like the global times has no clue what is going on.


The jingoism in these comments is both palpable and unnerving.


Epeen contest! Not to dismiss the seriousness of hacking into utilities and such however just about all countries look for leverage so it is not limited to those 3 (Russia, China, US). You can add NK, SK, Israel, Iran and a multitude of other ones to the mix.