US Military will test anti-aging pill – will test a first-in-class nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, oxidized state (NAD+) enhancer, a small molecule drug being developed by Metro International Biotech (MetroBiotech)

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This kind of sounds like the plot to the latest Resident Evil series on Netflix…..just take this inhibitor and you won’t turn into a monster….


I had seen David Sinclair’s videos several years back about anti aging and just recently looked up all that stuff again. It was interesting to find that the longevity community on reddit has grown since the first time I heard his stuff (2016/2017?). I’m in my late 20s now so I need that stuff to come out asap


>>Can MetroBiotech’s treatment be the one that can tap into that potentially lucrative anti-aging marketplace? “This is better than nothing, but not much better,” cautioned Aubrey de Grey …………. >>………. According to de Grey, SENS’ approach to anti-aging contrasts with MetroBiotech’s, which he characterized as reflective of a consensus view within gerontology toward simply reducing the rate of cellular damage from aging. >>“Unfortunately the field of gerontology went about it in another wrong way, which was to try to, in effect, clean up metabolism, to slow down the rate at which metabolism generates damage and thereby to postpone the age at which damage reaches this pathogenic threshold. That has been basically unsuccessful,” de Grey said. “The pill that MetroBiotech is looking at is probably going to fail, for that reason.” Even if Aubrey de Grey is right, I’m glad science is going to test this before the idea gets written off. BTW – Aubrey de Grey has done several AMA’s on r/futurology over the years (I won’t link to them but a search will easily bring them up).


This is really interesting because almost every veteran I know or have met has absolutely destroyed their body doing their tours. Not to mention the psychological traumas they experience. I can’t imagine how anti aging would help a soldier that sustains constant injuries. Edit: y’all are missing the point. I know like 4 guys that we’re in for 4-6 years right out of high school that had bad knees or a bad back by the time they were 22/24.


I’m very concerned that this is being tested by the military