Wearing a robe inside looks rich, wearing one outside looks poor.

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Depends on the robe.


At my liquor store you can sometimes find women in robes watching the TVs. They also have 4 doors in the back to what must be 10’x10′ rooms given the size of the building. The place also opens up hours late regularly in the morning, and has lights on hours after they legally have to close. I’m pretty sure they don’t just sell liquor there.


What if you’re a wizard?


Rich people wear a silk robe over their shirt and tie to talk to the butler. Poor people wear a ratty robe over their stretched out and stained underwear to go to Wal-Mart. Those of us in the middle just try to navigate life and get through Costco with a rotisserie chicken for dinner.


Sunglasses and a White Russian, though… The Dude abides.