What can you only do if you believe you can?

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Go to the gym


Mostly i socialize and talk to girls with this method…rlly helpfull


Relevant quote that’s usually attributed to Henry Ford: “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”


Backflip, you think about it too much and get in your head and you’ll fall on it


Ahhh, I have the perfect example for this question. Back when I was in a military school (I was 11-12), we were made to run 6 km every morning at 5 am. Our school was on a hill-station with temperatures around 9-10 C and strong winds. Our attire used to be shorts and a running vest (track-suits were not allowed). As kids obviously we used to dread this. The dead cold wind hitting your almost naked body was something which none of us had experienced. This is when one of our PT instructors (serving army officer) gave us one of the best advices ever. As per him, everything is in your head. He said that stop thinking that it’s cold and you will stop feeling cold. I know sounds stupid, but this worked like a charm. Ofcourse not on a physical level, but mentally this small switch in thinking did alleviate most of the pain Today, after 15 years, I still follow this mantra. Everything is in your head. Our body can take the most extreme of pain, but it’s always mentally that we lose the battle.