What is a mental health tip that everybody should hear?

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A tiny bit of progress is better than none at all. Healing and coping isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. If you’re too depressed to take a shower, but you can manage to brush your teeth, great! You don’t have to do the full program for it to be a success. Maybe tomorrow you’ll shower instead, or you’ll just freshen up at the sink. You can’t manage to do a full 45 min yoga flow, but you can do the 10 min of light stretching? Great! Any physical activity is better than none. Etc.


The thing you’re upset **about** is probably not the thing you’re upset **by**. You can handle a lot–when you reach your limit, there’s probably a big pile of upsetting things that got you there. The one you’re thinking about is just the one on top. The one you should be trying to fix is the biggest one, and it’s usually closer to the bottom of the pile than the top.


you should curate your “viewing diet”. what you spend your time watching online affects your mental health. you should avoid media you know is actively harming you


Exercise is good for the brain.


The FBI and CIA are spying on you. All your worst fears about the government are more than likely true.