What’s a common myth you’re tired of hearing?

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Because it lacks oxygen, venous blood is blue. I’m surprised that I still come across people who think that!


That you eat 8 spiders in your sleep. This annoys me to no end because it sounds so stupid yet people actually believe this.


If you touch a bird’s nest, it can smell you and abandon its nest. This is false because birds have little to no sense of smell. However, if they see you touching their nest, there is a chance that they will think you are a predator and will leave. Edit: They won’t abandon their nest, but will find a more suitable location for the babies if they believe there is a threat.


That scientists don’t know how bumblebees can fly and that this is somehow inspiring. This started because an engineer (not a scientist) did some measurements and did some math and decided that it was impossible for bumblebees to fly.‘the problem is that he didn’t measure wing speed, he used a constant instead. Several decades ago, a scientist who was studying bumblebees got tired of hearing this myth, so at the end of his experiment he went ahead and measured the wing speed. He discovered that bumblebees flap their wings twice as fast as the constant assumed. When using the correct wing speed, it is easy to see that bumblebees can fly (apart from the observation that they do so). I find this way more inspiring. Succeeding though effort is way better than succeeding though ignorance.


We evolved from monkeys. We didn’t, we evolved from the same ancestors that monkeys evolved from. That’s why there’s still monkeys around today.