What’s the most creepiest thing you’ve seen that you weren’t supposed to see?

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I was 8 and watched my friend’s Dad beating the shit out of him from my tree house. Looking back, it’s no wonder he was the class clown. People loved him at school.


While working in a level 1 trauma center (calibrating medical x-ray equipment) I was in the emergency room, hearing noises voices, normal stuff. Anyway I heard this kid crying, screaming at the top of his lungs. Sound like pretty powerful lungs I was guessing a high school age? Everyone was moving fast as they normally do however they had looks on their faces of deep concern. When one of the techs I knew well had a moment I asked; “guessing a kid fell out of his tree house?” The tech shook his head and claimed; “that’s no kid in there! That’s a full grown man who was riding his motorcycle and came in some assembly required.” I couldn’t resist… A 200lbs man at over 6′ tall in Black Harley-Davidson leather. He lost his arm above the elbow and one of his legs was twisted around completely backwards. A visual I will never get out of my head. That much blood, you can physically smell the iron in the air. That’s what I get for looking.


As a kid I was walking through the woods when on holiday. I was only following the river up and down so I couldn’t get lost. I saw a ~~tarpoline~~ tarpaulin(!) through the trees and thought I would go check it out. As I got close, somone I couldn’t see said “Turn around and keep walking”. Which, unsurprisingly, I did. At a run. When walking back along the river the next day, the tarp was gone.


I saw a lady moving big blue chemical barrels into a garage, there was at least 20 in there and she saw me and closed her garage. Drove by an hour later, garage open, all barrels gone.


When I was growing up, my Mom and Dad were shopping for a new house. We went to a new construction neighborhood to take a look. There was a model that my Mom liked and the sales lady said there was one being built down the street, it was about 50% done, but we can take a look to get an idea of the space. So we all hopped into the sales lady car and went to go look. We got in the house and she started to show us around. We went upstairs and in the 2nd floor bedroom, there was a guy fully nude and furiously masturbating away. I am 100% sure he heard us coming as the house was empty and our voices were slightly echoing as we moved around. My Mom screamed, the saleslady screamed, my Dad said “WTF”, I was just hysterically laughing. The guy grabbed his clothing and just ran past us and out the house.