Which food do you hate?

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Celery Raw celery is disgusting Cooked celery is disgusting People that like celery just can’t comprehend what anyone could possibly not like about it, whereas people who don’t like celery all describe it as tasting like bitter, stale water. I think I saw in a reddit thread recently that there’s a genetic thing going on where there’s a chemical in celery only some people can taste, so if you can taste it then celery tastes like nasty swamp water and if you can’t it just tastes like nothing.


Olives are actually the worst. Can’t eat them in any form, just too strong of a taste.


Raw tomatoes. Nature’s little slime-filled cyst. What’s odd though is that I love all forms of processed tomatoes (tomato sauce, tomato soup, sun dried tomatoes, ketchup, etc.)


black licorice


beer. none of those flavor profiles really do it for me. red wine on the other hand is delicious.