White City Council Member in Alabama Shocks Meeting With Racial Slur: ‘Do We Have A House N***** In Here?’

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I’ll save you a click. He’s a Republican in his 70s. >According to a report Tuesday in the state-focused website Bama Politics, councilman Tommy Bryant, 76, stood up and loudly asked: “Do we have a house n***** in here?” He says this about 1 hour and 41 minute mark of the Facebook video above. >Bryant could be heard making the outburst during an exchange with Tarrant’s first Black mayor, 41-year-old Wayman Newton, over some of Bryant’s wife’s racially-provocative comments on Facebook.


I don’t want to be culturally insensitive but maybe we should consider putting him on the sun


yeah I live in Alabama and this is not surprising at all. it sucks here. the demographic is mildly progressive younger people who moved here and racist right wing boomers on up who were raised here. there was literally a cross set on a fire in somebody’s yard (bc her boyfriend was black) 2 decades ago within 20 miles of Huntsville, aka one of the progressive developing cities. fuck Bryant. and fuck Mo Brooks & Kay Ivey too.


according to the John Roberts court, this is a ‘post-racial’ society we live in.


When does Alabama leave the 1950s?