Who’s the most famous person you’ve interacted with?

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Michael Buble was my youth rockclimbing coach/instructor.


Keanu Reeves stayed at my mom’s bed and breakfast for a weekend in the mid 90’s. He was traveling with his band before shooting speed. He was awesome, we showed him around town and played video games together.


I had a coffee with Tom Hardy once before he got really famous. It was back in the very early 2000s when he still a struggling actor in London. Seriously nice dude.


I was walking down the street in NYC holding my friend’s baby and we walked by Willem Dafoe. He stopped right in front of me and said “Hi baby” to the baby, in a nice but kinda creepy way. But maybe just creepy coming from him.


There was a friend I had. She had a boyfriend that was an engineer and she always told me about how I’d get along with him fabulously. Turns out her boyfriend was Grant Imahara lol.