A group of 200-plus CEOs from companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot says it ‘welcomes’ Biden’s vax-or-test mandate

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Make no mistake, companies are thrilled about this. The government took the burden off management’s shoulders. Now people can be mad at the government instead of their employers. Never forget, the “C” in C-suite stands for cowards.


They’re only doing that because it’s the most rational plan to get back to a safe economy so far on the table and it has a strong likelihood of at least moderate success. How dare they.


Of course they do! COVID is bad for business, when the idiot unvaxxed are getting quarantined, catching the disease and dying off they are costing their companies a ton of money and time. With the mandate Biden is giving them cover to do what the already want to do.


It’s in the best interests of all companies to do this. I wonder if we are nearing a point where large corporations begin to waver on their commitment to supporting Republicans. Or are the tax breaks/deregulation too sweet to give up?


No suprised. Long term hospital stays and death are expensive. Its even more expensive when someone dies at work. They’ve all wanted this since the vax came out but were too scared of backlash and lawsuits