GameStop Says It’s Moving Beyond Games, “Evolving” To Become A Technology Company

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Sooo cannabis dispensary and hentai game store?


To me they seem to be shifting to a toy and collectible store. with Toys R Us closed in the US i know a lot of toy collectors that would rather deal with GameStop than Target or Walmart.


Gotta give them some credit. Investors breathed new life into the company and they are doing the best they can to take advantage and make the necessary changes to prove their value rather than ride the wave.


Would love for an American chain retailer to offer decent PC part selections. Hope they will be more Best Buy-esque in that sense and do a better job. Cities have “emergency buys” easier, but many rural areas you literally can not buy decent replacement parts for PCs. Best Buy is the closest we have to a nation-wide PC part seller, but totally fails this market by having very poor selection. Best Buy tries to get off with “we’ll ship it to you”, then has higher prices than Amazon. If I need a PSU today I need a PSU today, and in much of the country you can’t get a good quality PSU intended for a gaming PC locally.


this means they are going to focus on eCommerce, possibly more focus on digital games delivery, and consumer electronics. they aren’t going to pivot to quantum computing