New York law phases out most gas-powered vehicles by 2035

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For a moment I forgot gas == petrol/diesel and wondered when CNG powered cars became common enough in the US to require phasing out.


Given the urgency of climate change, this target seems unambitious. 2035 is fourteen years away. Think what you were doing back in 2007, and imagine that same length of time in the future. It’s a long time! Electric cars are likely to be cheaper before then in any case, so this announcement is pretty much business as usual. Why not aim for 2030, or 2025, as other countries/cities are doing?


I can see these laws creating some weird side effects. Such as a rush to buy combustion vehicles in the last year or two, black markets, crazy expensive repair shops, etc. A better way would be to tax vehicles and/or fuel and use the income to install charging stations.


2035… Hmm so the same as our beloved EU is planning… And what about ships and planes and diesel trains that use gas engines… As usual only cars are the bad here, other type of transport not?


Pretty start finding and purchasing your favorite combustion engine vehicles now.