Ted Cruz Tries Trolling Patton Oswalt, Who Just Puts The Joke On Him

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>Ted, you Tweeted this at 1am. Put the phone down and return to liquid form for a few hours I love Patton Oswalt.


>Well, that was fun. As always Ted, you’re a friendless, cowardly embarrassment and your beard looks stupid. Is this roasting if he is just pointing out verifiable facts?


Ted Cruz is such a transparent, pathetic hack. He keeps trying to stir the culture war shitpot, but most of it just ends up on him. To show how smart Raphael Cruz is, he needlessly picked a fight with a person who is well versed in making fun of people. Maybe Ted could make a tasteless comment about Oswalt’s dead first wife? You know, really up the game?


It seems like every time Ted goes awhile without being in the news, he tweets something stupid to become relevant again. Must believe all PR is good PR?


JFC, the ego on Ted Cruz to think he could go talon to toe with any comedian is just unsurpassed.