The federal government will restore ‘100%’ of pay to any school officials who are punished for defying state mask mandates, Biden says

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This hackjob of a title should say “defying state mask mandate ***bans***.” Edit: to clarify, at the time this comment was made, the post and article had the same title, as is required by this subreddit’s rules. BI updated it since then.


Probably a good move politically. FL is deep red at this point, what you lose in FL you might pick up in GA.


My whole life, Libertarians told me that they saw the **one** role of government as to protect the lives of its people. Now it’s doing that one thing and they mostly aren’t on-board. It’s almost as if they’re just selfish, and don’t actually believe what they say they do about government’s role.


I’m on board with this, but doesn’t this give an incentive to red states to deny pay to school staff knowing that the federal government will essentially be paying the tab for them?


Biden’s years in the Obama Administration taught him a VERY VALUABLE lesson: the right will hate you no matter what. No overtures of friendliness or civility will change this. So fuck ’em. Nerf their stupid anti-mask policies. Require vaccinations. End the failed “nation-building” experiments enacted by war profiteer neocons. THIS is the bold presidency that I hoped for with Biden (but wasn’t expecting). Hope he does court reform, the EC, climate change, and healthcare access next.