TIL For centuries, Kurdish villagers knew an ancient rock relief simply as “Naram-Sin”, but didn’t know who or what it represented. Later, archaeologists discovered it to be a depiction of Naram-Sin of Akkad, King of the Akkadian Empire (the world’s first empire) who ruled over 4200 years ago!

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Great read to start my morning. 4K years older is so hard to even grasp. Thanks for posting!


It’s crazy to think that modern humans have been around for more than 100,000 years. That is an unfathomably long time. We only have recorded history for a few thousand years, and those records only cover a very small piece of human existence during those times. I wonder how many big things from history have been preserved and passed down like that through generations. It’s so cool.


Sad to see how many empires have followed the Ozymandias route. If only the antiques were able to speak what they had seen


Legitimately impressed that they were still using the name after X-thousand years of the broken telephone game. _____ I assume there were at least 100 years in which the people of the region just legitimately remembered the king, and maybe a few hundred more in which scholars could read the text on the relief.


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