We can fly helicopters on Mars but can’t design a dump truck that prevents rocks from flying out everywhere while driving down the highway

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We actually CAN, but since there’s no reliable way to hold the companies that own those trucks liable for the damage they cause, most of those companies don’t care and won’t spend the extra money for non-rock-flinging trucks.


Homie the people who own said dumptrucks knows it costs less for them to just not, they really dont give two shits and place bumper stickers that tell people that it isnt their problem(which btw it totally is and they fully can be held accountable for the damage so dont think you cant do anything if it happens)


They can, but no one would buy it because it would be more expensive.


We can fly helicopters on mars?


Or a garbage truck that doesn’t sound like a jet turbine when it drives by at 5am.