What is your opinion on Biden mandating the vaccines? And would your reaction be the same if trump had mandated them?

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We need to stop going “I hate this person, therefore all their ideas are bad.” Especially when it comes to entire political parties. It’s a good idea if it works and that’s all that should matter.


I don’t get why it is such a big deal. Vaccines have been mandated in the U.S. for ages. Have you tried putting a baby in daycare or enrolling a child in public school? You ALWAYS have to provide vaccine proof.


If Trump had said word for word what Biden said, and implemented policy that was word for word the same, I would be shocked and extremely pleasantly surprised at how reasonable he was for once, although I would be shaking my head at the hypocrisy.


The mandate says vaccinate OR get tested once a week. It’s for employers with over 100 employees, you know, places more at risk of creating an outbreak. It does not require that those people get vaccinated. It provides another option for those that don’t want to.


They tried making the vaccine so rapidly available that it was easer obtain than bread. That failed They then tried incentives like event tickets, beer, money, even weed in some legal states. That failed At this point it’s legitimately the only option. If a person wants to literally die on this hill, then that’s fine. They should not bring us down with them Also, the people complaining about “muh freedom” are the same people who live in states you can’t even buy alcohol on Sundays. This isn’t about freedom it’s about identity politics.