1-year-old girl dies after being left in hot car all day in Texas: Sheriff

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I remember when my spouse and I took a class on how to take care of a baby it ended with a nurse telling us to leave our cell or purse next to baby, and this was over ten years ago. I came up with a better solution. I would just talk to her. Crazy idea I know, but even when she was a baby or sleeping it didn’t matter. I would sing the alphabet, rhyme, tell a story, or when she got a little older we actually had conversations. Talk to your damn kids because their life may depend on it, and the kid benefits from the language and parent interaction.


I read an article that said the 1 year old was found in the floorboard of the car. Three children were transported in the car that morning but only two car seats were present. How does that make sense? I’m genuinely confused.


Mother and daycare did not notice that only 2 of 3 children were delivered? Mom switches cars to pick the two children up at the end of the day. ​ Poor little girl.


I remember reading a full investigation into about 100 or so cases where children die like this. It was not an easy read to say the least. There were mothers and fathers from all places of the workforce: police, firefighters, social workers, nurses, doctors, safety inspectors you name it all of them made the terrible mistake of forgetting their kid inside of the car they all died. The last account was the person whom wrote the report and taught that only happened to other people until it happened to her. The lesson here is, it’s easy to condemned people if they were gambling or drinking at a club while the kid died a horrible dead, but there are people who will never knowingly put their kids on harms ways but yet still happens. Take care of your kids and love tell them every chance you get because it could by the last time. Love and peace


I’m gonna take a minute to plug a relatively expensive and annoying car adapter that I think every parent should have – a Clever Elly. It has a bunch of different variations of “check the back seat” that go off every time you turn your car on and off. You don’t get used to it because it’s different voices every time and the phrases are different. I have thankfully never “needed” it – but it gives me peace of mind to know that there’s some sort of backup if I do have an off day.