Investigation of Long COVID Prevalence and Its Relationship to Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation

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interesting.. one can hope the vaccine candidate that moderna has for EBV turns out to be effective. would go a long way to neutralize an obnoxious viral infection at the least.


Anecdotally, both my wife and I had EBV reactivations since our covid infection this past March. This will be my 2nd reactivation in two years. I think it might not be covid necessarily that’s causing it, but the extra stress. My first reactivation was after we received news that my wife’s Ewing Sarcoma had reappeared and was inoperable. Then, as a result of the treatment for the sarcoma, she developed pneumonia then radiation pneumonitis a couple of months later. While hospitalized for the pneumonitis, we both contracted covid and unknowingly passed it on to our entire family. Things have been pretty stressful for the world for the last 18 months…it’s not surprising to see EBV reactivate among such a large percentage.


Can someone with a sharper brain than mine explain how worried we should be a out this?


This makes me wonder if such COVID related research is pushing us closer to discovering that many of the seemingly innoculus viruses that infect us can result in serious disease / illness later on.


I actually think this is amazing news. The more we know about long covid the more we can find ways to treat / prevent it.