Millions fear eviction as US housing crisis worsens

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There’s been growing tent cities in my town for the last decade. I expect them to at least double in size before this is all over. Sad that there’s literally whole ghost towns and tons of open apartments but the cost is so fucking high everywhere that they just stay empty. Somethings gotta change and at this rate I honestly don’t know what will finally be the last thing that makes everyone snap and finally burn these horrible systems to the ground and start over.


Honestly I feel for the people this is effecting I have noticed a Sharp increase in “For Sale” signs popping up in my neighborhood reccently and it does worry me as a homeowner. I can make my morg paymennts but with my taxes going up and up every single dam year I can honly hope my pay raises yearly can keep up with it.


It will be worst than 2008 judging by the amount of people that are expected to be evicted. 2008 6million in 2021 12million that’s double. Holy crap it’s going to be insane. Market crash coming soon!