NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate

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Who the hell would want someone *unvaccinated* around their newborn??!


People in labor will have to drive to Carthage Area Hospital, fifteen miles away. Lucky for them, it has won awards for Labor and Delivery Excellence (2021, 2020, 2019) for clinical care of women during and after childbirth. Silver lining?


No note on where those babies will be delivered instead.. I hope the women around there are able to get the care they need. Scary times.


From what I am looking at this place has a population of 3k. My county hospital of 17k stopped delivering babies about 10 years ago (mostly because the OB who had been there a long time retired, they had wanted to do it for a long time). I wonder how many babies this place actually delivered before. There are two nearby city hospitals that absorbed their patients.


Anybody know an astronaut that’s a flat earther? Maybe an ornithologist who thinks birds are all government drones?