The Way Amazon Uses Tech to Squeeze Performance Out of Workers Deserves Its Own Name: Bezosism

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Let’s not name it after him. He already has a bit of an ego.


I’ve been calling it Digital-Era-Slavery (*DES*), because Amazon is not the only one doing this. I think the sad part is that most people notices it more because Amazon is in USA, while most others are out of this country has the minimum wages for their workers are much lower.


The worst part is that it is not just Amazon anymore. My city has dozens of one warehouse fulfilment companies and they all think they are the next Amazon, implementing this shit to the max. But they mostly seem to be failing at it too. They can’t keep employees because the management and working conditions are so bad, and they won’t pay Amazon-level wages. So they just keep getting further and further behind with orders as employees keep leaving.


It’s all been foretold! I’d recommend viewing Fritz Lang’s *Metropolis* A dystopian future where the rich feast & party while the underclass work in a windowless underground… Kinda like an Amazon fulfillment center


It is Six Sigma without regard for human suffering.